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Thank you, Mr. President. I want to commend and I look forward to the hearing that was introduced, resolution introduced for a hearing on the issue of gun violence in the City of Philadelphia by Councilman Kenney, and really -- although we are a local government and we can't have so much impact on state-related laws relating to gun violence in the City of Philadelphia, I still think it's important to make sure that rather it's the Administration or us as a body really take a hard look at what we're doing in the City of Philadelphia as it relates to

preventing gun violence and also making

sure when acts of gun violence takes

place, we are addressing it


Last night when I was on one of

my favorite apps, which is the CNN app, I

know it noted that Philadelphia is in the

top three of African American young men being murdered by homicide, and the number one tool in their homicide is a gun.

And so I'm looking forward to that discussion to make sure that we keep this issue on the forefront, we keep it on the burner as it relates to making sure we keep our young people safe, but also giving young men other options regarding picking up a gun. And I think that's a real conversation that needs to take place, but I'm also interested in looking at when we do -- when the Philadelphia Police Department confiscates a gun in a homicide, in a shooting, what happens after those guns

go into the department? Do they do the

CSI work and kind of trace where the gun

come from, or it's just a homicide and

it's a shooting and then nothing happens?

So I'm looking forward to actually see

what's the followup with these guns,

because I think the assault weapons ban,

I understand that policy, but the majority of homicides that take place in the City of Philadelphia and the majority of shootings that take place in the City of Philadelphia are by handguns. And so my biggest concern is choking that pipeline of illegal guns that come through neighborhoods throughout the City of Philadelphia.

And so I wanted to acknowledge that hearing that will be taking place and look forward to that discussion.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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