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Thank you so much, Mr. President. Most of us watched in horror the news when the five-year-old young lady Nailla Robinson was abducted. We also sat riveted in terror when we watched the young lady that was thrown from the platform at 8th and Race.

What these two seemingly

unrelated incidences have in common, what

was the common denominator? Surveillance

cameras. Fortunately we were able to

apprehend one and are still on the trail

of the other perpetrator. But I want to

make that common denominator note,

because you took a delegation of

Councilmembers down to Baltimore a couple of weeks ago to look into how we can use those technological tools to help law enforcement, to help police work, to not circumvent what good citizen and good police work should do, but to aid it in its swift delivery.

Your leadership, along with Councilman Greenlee, Councilwoman Bass, myself, and more recently intriguing conversations by the freshman Councilman Johnson on public-private partnerships with cameras is encouraging in that effort. I applaud you for having hearings that will discuss how we roll out a comprehensive strategy to use that.

What we learned in Baltimore

was that through the use of cameras,

through networking, through Department of

Defense, Department of Transportation

cameras, they were able to reduce crime

in Baltimore by 25 percent. And one of

the key ways they did that was eyes on

criminal activity, communications to law

enforcement who had boots on the ground. And that was a critical component of their success.

Working with partnerships is fine. Having stagnant cameras is not as good as having good police work using technology in a well-thought-out manner.

So I look forward to working with you and our colleagues in Council to help the Administration, to assist the Administration, to work along with the Administration to use this tool to deal with Philadelphia's problem. So, again, thank you for your leadership in taking us down there, and I look forward to the results of that endeavor.

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