Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Yes; the resolution on reducing crime in the

Philadelphia Housing Authority. And,

first, if you read St. Matthew on what

we're judged on, helping the people at

the bottom of society, the poor, the

prisoner, the homeless, mentally ill,

unemployed, sick, I want to thank

Councilwoman Blackwell for always working

to help the people at the bottom of society. She's doing what Martin Luther King and the late Senator Robert Kennedy did, and I've come to see she gets this commitment from an unshakeable faith in God and her church, and I appreciate that.

Now, Philadelphia Housing Authority, reducing crime. The police have a saying "gateway drugs," meaning cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, pills can lead to illegal drugs. We had a beautiful seminar in Wilmington at the Grand Opera House creating livable communities. If we make Philadelphia Housing Authority litter free, you know, immaculate, clean, beautiful outside,

inside, if we have everybody be friendly,

we eliminate rudeness, if we eliminate

the second-hand cigarette smoke making

people sick; in other words, if we create

a livable community at Philadelphia

Housing Authority and throughout the

City, cleanliness, friendliness, help,

when people feel good physically and mentally, they don't commit crimes. So let's work to create the pre-conditions that make people healthy and happy. Then they don't want to commit crimes. So this hearing would be very important to do that, create a livable community.

Thank you.

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