Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Whereas, Al Dia captures the defining images -- that "Al Dia: 20 Years" captures the defining images of the coverage of 20 years of the Latino community; and

The 20th anniversary of Al Dia and the publication of this historic book were celebrated in the ceremony gala at the Constitution Center last November.

Be it resolved, that the Council of Philadelphia recognizes the incredible achievements of Al Dia newspaper and its founder, Hernan

Guaracoa. Your contributions to the

Latino community, Philadelphia and the

field of journalism have been truly

exceptional. We wish you many years of

continued success with both your paper

and future publications.

Further resolved, that an

engrossed copy will be presented to Mr. Guaracoa. This is signed, introduced by Councilwoman Sanchez and sponsored by all members of City Council.

Thank you.

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