Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

In the early days,

almost every city that tried this kind of

legislation was challenged. We had so

many challenges, and the amazing thing

was that this city, this Council, and the

Administration met every challenge. If

part of the legislation was knocked down,

they went around it and put something else in place. Atlanta used to be the gold standard for this kind of legislation and making sure that the playing field was somewhat level for minority and women-owned businesses. Philadelphia has the longest-running track record in this, and we continue to go strong today and continue this effort to help minority firms, because we employ people, we pay taxes, and we're in Philadelphia. It's gratifying to know that you remember the history and that you honor it.

I'd like now to introduce State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams to make a few remarks. I've known him and his

father for a very long time.

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