Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Ms. Angela Dowd-Burton.

MS. DOWD-BURTON: Thank you so much. I have to tell you, we did serious business in the sandbox 30 years ago, because we were all about five or so.

So good morning, President Clarke, Councilwoman Reynolds Brown, members of City Council, elected officials, City administrators, former MBEC legacy leaders, I'll call you, friends, and guests. It is an honor to accept this resolution on behalf of those who served MBEC and OEO over 30 years ago.

Thirty years ago, City Council built an intersection between public policy and the business imperative. They knew that when businesses rise, employees

thrive and families flourish. When

businesses rise, our youth find hope in

the role models of their communities and

seek education to pursue attainable

dreams. When disadvantaged businesses

rise, our region prospers.

To the ancestors recognized in

this resolution, we thank you for your vision.

To the legislators that guide the spirit of economic inclusion today, we thank you for your focus and your tenacity.

To Mayor Michael Nutter, his Economic Opportunity cabinet, leadership team, and City employees who engage in our mission every day, we appreciate your dedication and your commitment.

And to our alliance partners, many who serve on the OEO Advisory Board, the Mayor's Advisory Commission on Construction Industry Diversity, and the Economic Opportunity Review Committee, we are grateful for your investment in the

vision of OEO and your assistance in

adding to the transparency of City


Today the OEO staff, the OEO

officers and colleagues within City

government, and our predecessors can be

proud of this milestone and celebrate the

achievements thus far. Today we collectively reaffirm our commitment to building businesses and putting people to work.

Time will not allow me to acknowledge all of you for the contributions you've made to the success of the MBEC and OEO. However, I would like to publicly thank members of the OEO team, and they're somewhere around here. Where are they? They're all behind me in here, cloaked in the spirit of economic opportunity.

I want to thank them publicly for their dedication to our effort and the recent transformation of this organization. The Commerce Department is

a great fit for OEO, thanks to Alan

Greenberger, Kevin Dow, and the Commerce

team and their staff.

I would also like to mention

just two people who have made OEO their

life's work. Michelle Flamer, our

attorney, has provided us with invaluable

legal guidance and helped us navigate over the past few decades. And Julie Simmons, a specialist on the OEO staff, has provided continuity to this organization over the last 30 years.

When small businesses rise, we are uplifted, invigorated, and inspired. And with the help of this august body, they will continue to rise and one day reach that pinnacle where business relationships will be driven by innovation, collaboration, and a competitive spirit far beyond the intersection of public policy and the business imperative.

Thank you very much.

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