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Good morning, Council President Clarke and members of Council. My name is Chester Skaziak, Philadelphia taxpayer.

In the past, I've been asked who I represent or what group affiliation. For this reason, let me add today I'm a Philadelphian Saying Stop Stealing Tax Dollars, or PSSSTD, and in the future I remain "PSSSTD" if nothing changes.

Today I shall attempt to represent those who are PSSSTD who are unable to attend. There are many others who identify with being PSSSTD. Who are they? They're your neighbors. They're everywhere. I say leave these Chambers, go out on the street, in the coffee shops, the malls, outside churches after Sunday services. They are tired of being ripped off. They're PSSSTD, but can't be here.

I sent you's all photos of what I identified.

As for this bill, there are no provisions for those of us that have resided in the same house for 30 years. What of my neighbors. I'm 67 years old and I'm the kid on the block. My real estate taxes were 6 percent of my pension in 2006. Today my taxes are 8 percent of my pension. What of my neighbors, some who are over 80 years of age. Are there provisions in this legislation for them? What do you have to say to them? It's only a temporary tax? Will your actions have an effect on their health?

Section 19-3902, Definition, Item 2, Principal Residence - the dwelling place of a person, yadda, yadda, yadda. For the purpose of this chapter, the term may also include a building with a maximum of one commercial establishment and a maximum of three residential units, of which one resident unit must be the principal resident of the owner-occupant. Is this your idea of a real estate tax exemption program?

Are you to say that they will get a tax break? If so, let me remind you I'm PSSSTD.

Item 3, Owner, (b), an equitable owner, defined as a person who has inherited an interest in the property from the deceased owner of record; a person who was entered into an installment land contract to purchase the property from the owner of record; a person who was the owner of record before a fraudulent conveyance of the property occurred; or a person who can demonstrate some other ownership interest in the property. Can anyone in this room justify that last definition?

What this means to me is someone who can defraud the taxpayers.

I have to go back in history. I told this Council that Mantua Resolution 120720 was flawed. If I hadn't discovered the issue with Montessori Genesis II, would the taxpayers have purchased two properties then and perhaps the other 12 properties that were rightfully theirs? Could the cost have been a half a million dollars? The gentlemen Herb and Ed over at the PRA have said it was their intention to take back those properties. Yeah, right. Ten years Montessori had those properties. I say to them they were taken back because I uncovered the improprieties. Why? Because I am totally PSSSTD.

Oh, by the way, I started another chapter. More issues with the PRA. I discovered them giving properties to a tax delinquent owing $6,000.

Thank you very much. Have a nice day. And Councilman President Clarke, I thank you for allowing me to speak here today.

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