Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Good morning. My name is Tamara Jimenez. I'm an undocumented youth. I was lucky I got granted deferred action, but my mother and my step-dad, they don't have nothing at all. So I'm here on their behalf, because everyone talks about how it's their parents' fault when they bring their children to this country. And I say that every parent will do anything for their kids to put food into their mouth, to give them a birthday, a Christmas present.

And everyone talks about how we are here to take jobs. My mother and my step-dad, they own a business. We are contributing to the economy in this city and in this State of Pennsylvania, and it's just not fair that they don't have anything to hold on to feel secure, because with a blink of an eye, anything can change and all the hard work that they have done is going to collapse.

So I think this immigration reform shouldn't be just about selecting people what's right for this country, but for those who also are contributing to this country, like my mother and my step-dad.

Thank you.

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