Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Good morning. Thank you for the opportunity that you are giving me today. My name is Carlos Ibarra. I am an immigrant. I am also a father, a husband, and a member from SEIU 32BJ.

My parents brought me to this country when I was just 12 years old. They came here looking for work and a better life for me. We are very proud for what we have accomplished here, because we have worked very hard. But my parents, they always stressed the necessity for education and also for me to learn how to speak English.

Today, my oldest daughter, I am very proud to say that she just finished and graduate from New York State University, and my youngest daughter is attending Temple University right now.

I am also a veteran. I serve in the military forces in the United States Army from 1977, '79, '80, and '91. I have fought for my country. I set out this is my country and it has been my country for the past 22 years.

My parents also established a foundation to keeping the families together. I could not imagine, let me tell you that, how my life would have been so different have my family been split. Why? Because I believe firmly in having families together creates a good foundation for the future and for our kids.

So I'm calling onto you guys today, to City Council, to help support the new comprehensive immigration law. Why? Because good families create a foundation and a better country.

Thank you.

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