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Thank you, President Clarke, and thank you to Councilman Kenyatta Johnson and all the Councilmembers for this terrific honor today.

Philadelphia has been our great partner in fighting gun violence, taking the lead in the state leading 49 other towns and municipalities in declaring that we want the power to protect our people by passing lost and stolen requirements. And we will continue to fight for you to be able to enforce that or to get a statewide requirement that requires citizens all across the state to report if their guns are lost or stolen. We will continue to work with you to bring citizens into our court to make clear to the judges that when somebody brings an illegal gun into our communities, even if they don't fire it, it is a crime of violence that endangers all of us and is deserving of serious consequences.

We are working for commonsense gun reforms. We are not trying to take people's rights away. And you have been a strong partner with us before Sandy Hook. We will continue to work since Sandy Hook. Luckily, we have many more partners now, and we are going to keep moving forward. And I'm just pleased to share with you that we have had two terrific successes just in the most recent weeks with Attorney General Kane closing the Florida Loophole and restoring power to our local police to decide who will have the power to carry a concealed weapon in Pennsylvania, and that the State Police have shared more than 600,000 missing mental health records with the national database. That keeps Pennsylvanians safer. It keeps Philadelphians safer. It keeps Americans safer. And we will keep working with all of you to do that.

Thank you so much for this honor.

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