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I will, Mr. President. I will honor the formal adjournment proceedings, but I did have remarks here as well around AVI, one of the two issues that are facing us this session, and they go clearly to Councilman David Oh's comments.

Last year, yes, the good news is that last year we were very deliberative. We slow-walked this entire debate, discussion, conversation around AVI, and we ended up in a good place.

So we're not unprepared for what is before us. It is absolutely sure that we should honor and consider a number of measures that have been introduced by Councilmembers, including those introduced by Councilman Johnson and others. And the operative word is "fairness." The operative word is "fairness." There's greater transparency, so that next year we're not having the same conversation about this new law called AVI.

With that said, my announcement is to remind Councilmembers that we're having our first task force hearing on human trafficking, which we know affects mostly women and children. This is Step 2 as a followup to a hearing we had some weeks ago. So that will take place immediately following City Council.

And now to my formal duty. I move that Council stand adjourned until Thursday, February 28th, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.

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