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Thank you, Council President. I wasn't going to do this, because it's out there and a lot of people know, but it's for a very worthy cause. And I'd like to remind this body that under the leadership of Council President, we came together last year to raise some money for a worthy organization, one of the largest in the area, to help provide food and services for not just Philadelphia but the immediate area, Philabundance. So with the new energy and -- well, with the energy and leadership of Council, I think we do a lot of things at once, and talent I'm not sure is one of it, but we have a talent show that is this evening that is going to be taking place this evening at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, PAFA better known as, from 6:00 to 9:00, raising dollars to supplement the shortfall of monies that are coming through a lot of the non-profit organizations and the City. So the money raised here tonight will help supplement some well-needed programs or a specific program that's taken a major hit. So through the efforts of all my colleagues, which I want to thank them and thank them and thank them and thank them for putting themselves out there, as we all are.

So tonight Council will either have talent or they will not have talent, but we will raise money for Philabundance, and I appreciate everybody's support.

Thank you.

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