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Thank you, Mr. President. I would like to echo Councilwoman Blackwell's sentiments. As a former Speaker of the House, I would have welcomed the recognition of my friend Curtis Thomas on the floor of the House to celebrate his heritage and his culture. I remember fondly, as Councilwoman Blackwell was relating that story, of a former legislator in the personage of David Richardson, who routinely came to the floor in what we would call non-traditional attire. And I'm reminded by my colleague sitting next to me, Wilson Goode, that when David Richardson was elected to the National Black Caucus -- Organization of National Black Legislators, he wore a tuxedo, and he found that quite remarkable and funny.

But I echo in a serious way Councilwoman Blackwell's remarks, and we should all take this as an opportunity to remember that we should all be better.

Thank you.

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