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Thank you, Mr. President. I know everybody has been discussing the AVI, Actual Value Initiative, and how we're going to proceed moving forward. Several Councilmembers have come up with some ideas on some legislation, but the main goal of the AVI was supposed to be fairness and how it is fair across the board, and I think we have to concentrate right now solely on the assessment values that are going out there and making sure that we reach out to the communities and the people throughout the districts to really check into what their assessments are. And even though it doesn't have a tax value what they're going to pay on there, try to get that information and see what your taxes are, because this is really going to hit some folks really hard, and it's up to us as Council to work together to come up with solutions to try to ease this in as best as possible.

But the issues of fairness for the reason of this can only work if these numbers are correct, and that's something I think we have to concentrate on right now. And also for the people whose taxes are going up dramatically, we need to look at ways to doing this, as Councilman Johnson's introduction today and also with -- I think we need to look into a phase-in of this process in order to make this easier, an easier burden on some of our residents.

So I'm willing to work with all colleagues here across the board to sit down and meet about this and come up with some ideas that could really help the City as a whole in order to make this happen, because the way it is right now and some of the numbers that are out there, this is not a fair system, and we need to make sure it is before we move forward.

Thank you.

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