Transcripts of full meetings of the council.


MS. JOHNSON-THORNTON: -- the Cornelia Wells Conference Center and Banquet Hall for the slave girl who lived and worked at the Mansion. She purchased her freedom for her and her daughter and was able to establish herself as an entrepreneur to maintain her life.

So the history there is magnificent. Remember, we only discovered that was a connection to the Underground Railroad 12 years ago, 12 years ago and we've been there 27. So this was meant to be, believe me.

We adopt schools to teach our children how to become docents. Global Leadership Academy is one of them. And look at my sign for me in the back. And the kids are here. Some of the kids here. Where are they? They came. Okay. So I'd like you guys to take some pictures of my kids.

And the President and CEO, where is she, Dr. Naomi Booker, is here, and I want her to say a couple of words. Just let her say a couple of words. Come on, Dr. Booker.

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