Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Thank you. Don't get it twisted.

And the nice part about it was, we raised it by help from many of you who are here today, and I did it by selling stock at $10 a share. And it goes to show when you really want to do something -- and in this case I saw a need in Philadelphia. I really did. I saw a need that wasn't being addressed, where people of color would have control of their own economic destiny. So I came to many of the people who are on Council today, Tasco and all and Blackwell and all of you who helped me get the people to the table.

My good friend, Ethel Barnett, my daughter, Tracy Carter, is here, and Betty Pryor and all of the people who helped me, because none of us up here could do it without all of you. So we really owe you an applause for being here.

Thank you.

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