Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Thank you, President Clarke, and certainly I want to recognize all of the Councilpeople that made this occasion what it is today.

I have to tell you, on behalf of all of my fellow honorees, we deeply appreciate being recognized as living legends in the City of Philadelphia. I think all of you know that wasn't easy and that we didn't set out to do it. We set out to help other people, and in helping other people, we were able to accomplish a lot, with a lot of support from our family and friends who are with us today.

I want to especially thank Councilman Jones for his, I would almost say, dogmatic approach to making sure that we have these living legends recognized every month. I think sometimes it takes one or two people to stand up and say that's what we want to have.

In 1992, we opened United Bank of Philadelphia and I raised $6 million, not 3 million, 6 million, Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, and --

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