Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

You see, in black history, sometimes history is made one page at a time, and as we turn those pages, we should never forget the previous chapter. Someone will some day certainly write Philadelphia's history, particularly in the African American community, and we can never forget the chapters we see here today.

I am very grateful to count these heroes and sheroes as my personal mentors and even friends. One of them will even say they babysat me. I won't point out which one it was. But we're grateful for them, and as many Councilpeople you see here, they've mentored and befriended them as well.

So we're here to honor living legends today.

Honoring and celebrating Philadelphia's living legends Henry Nicholas, Nellie Reynolds, Madeline Dunn, John F. White, Jr., Reverend Albert F. Campbell, Acel Moore, Audrey Johnson-Thornton, Will Daniels, Dr. Bernard Anderson and Dr. Emma Chappell in the areas of government, business, labor, journalism, religion, academia, athletics, activism, as a part of commemorating Black History Month; and

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