Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Yes. Is that the last individual to give remarks?

First and foremost, I just wanted to say all of you look great and definitely brought a smile to my face when I walked in watching all of you looking so beautiful in your red attire.

I wanted to personally just congratulate you on this acknowledgment from Councilwoman Tasco as well as Councilwoman Brown. I have a special place in my heart for Deltas just based upon me being an undergraduate student at Mansfield University away from my neighborhood of Point Breeze, specifically 18th and Dickinson. I attended Mansfield University, which is worlds away from the inner cities of Philadelphia, and Delta took me under her wing, encouraged me to go on to University of Pennsylvania for grad school, and after I became an elected official in Harrisburg, I always participated in the Delta Day with State Representative Cherelle Parker.

So I want to commend you for your service not only to the City of Philadelphia, not only to the United States of America, but to humanity, and also for your role in shaping the issues of public policy that affect us politically.

So I just wanted to take time out and congratulate you and tell you to keep up the good work.

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