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Hello. Good morning, everyone, and thank you for allowing me to be here. My name is Tyrone Ferguson and I'm a former homeless individual. I'm a former alcoholic. I'm a former dropout. I stand here today to ask for your permission to speak and be the voice of the voiceless.

My mother passed two years ago as I stood here before and gave testimony. I have an 81-year-old father who's disabled. As you can see, myself, I am disabled. Most of you can look towards your left and look towards your right. I have osteoarthritis. I have diabetes. And I still stand here as an individual for the voice of the voiceless.

Many people today, seven out of ten people today who are workers, they are mothers who have children. They need their sick pay. Even the CDC says that when you are sick, stay home. When you are sick, keep your children home.

Seven out of ten workers today, 68 percent report that they have gone to work with the stomach virus, with the flu. This is an epidemic. Even today there's a disease called septic where they have no known cure. As you as a worker, if you as a worker, would you allow your children, would you go to work sick knowing that you may contaminate other individuals?

We need to speak out here for the women, the mothers who have children, who wants to take a day off and cannot take a day off.

You know that person who was a former alcoholic? Today I have a Master's degree in business education.

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