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Hello, Council President. My name is Brother Tracy Gibson. I represent Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates Incorporated, which is a public relations and marketing firm, which is a new breed of company in the City and in this country that is for union rights, and we want to make sure that everybody gets paid, not just the rich. And I'm also a representative of the Black Millionaires Network.

I want to tell you that I am for sick leave, but I did not -- because of the haphazard way in which our government is run, I was not able to read the bill, so I could not tell you if I'm for or against the bill at this point. But I will tell you this, that we need to be more supportive of our unions. We need to make sure they get decent living wages, because people -- when families are paid properly, they are able to pay their taxes. They are able to pay for their houses. They are able to pay for their children to get through school properly. This is what we need to be doing to support our families and our -- not only black families but all families in the City.

So I am for the bill, but I don't -- I haven't read it properly because of the haphazard way in which our government is run.

That's all I have to say. Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates.

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