Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Thank you, Mr. President. I just wanted to speak really briefly on this particular bill. This is something that is very timely that we're talking about this today in light of having our Attorney General Kathleen Kane here earlier today and applauding her for closing the Florida loophole.

When we talk about guns and gun safety, I think that she's done a fantastic job, and we want to duplicate those efforts wherever we can here. We want to do our part.

Also, it's timely because just recently the Governor of Colorado just signed a gun control package which places new restrictions on firearms in a state that's very similar to Pennsylvania and which has a proud tradition of gun ownership and self-reliance.

The goal of this bill is common sense and it's basic. We just don't want guns on City properties. We don't allow guns in this building, and the goal is to extend that, especially protecting our young people at City rec centers and playgrounds. If it's a good thing to protect us, why wouldn't we extend that to all of our citizens?

And so I know that there are some concerns regarding the bill regarding reenactment and the use of firearms in different ways, and I think that this bill has been fantastic because it's a collaboration between the Administration and City Council. And so we're certainly willing to hear what other folks have to say and work into the language any additional regulations that we need to to protect those who want to do reenactments and that sort of thing.

So I just wanted to make a mention of that. Thank you, Mr. President.

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