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Good morning, President Clarke. I'm Robert Taylor, a member of the Friends of Wharton Square Advisory Board, a citizen of South Philadelphia, President of TWU Local 700, WPEB 88.1 FM commentator on the Jasper Jones Show. I'm commenting today on 130065, 120827, 120828, firearms and needless reporting requirements.

These bills set up 10,000 acres of victim disarmament zones. President Obama says, quote, We should be willing to challenge old assumptions, the old ideas, that of setting up gun-free zones, like Sandy Hook that invite killers to go on shooting sprees. Surely we have an obligation to try to protect our children, the way the President protects his children, with arms.

The parks are not like City Council. The people who work at the facilities need to provide a certain level of security. The parks are part of the Commonwealth, which belongs to we, the people, and the City shouldn't be attempting to regulate gun rights out of existence based on Section 21 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of PA.

Quote, If the state may compel the surrender of one constitutional right as a condition of its favors, it may, in like manner, compel the surrender of all, Frost versus Railroad Commission.

As anyone can clearly see, simply openly carrying a gun in public isn't a crime in Pennsylvania. Also see Commonwealth versus Jackson, 1997.

Of course, all people with permits should be permitted into all public areas. Remember, people are innocent until proven guilty. Why burden people working in the parks with needless reports, while at the same time denying them the right to defend their children and themselves. Criminals don't follow the laws.

Inspector Verdell Johnson, Commander of the Southwest Division, stated that on April 2nd, 2010 police saw someone openly carrying a gun while playing ball. The police approached the individual without probable cause. That individual was -- that that individual was armed and dangerous. According to the one-sided testimony, the individual shot at police. Naturally the individual in question is dead and cannot speak for himself.

While I don't support people shooting at the police, our parks enjoy the support of good police like our own Officer Harris. Still, I don't support tyrannical police behavior.

Quote, The officer's suspicion must be reasonable and based on specific articulate facts, Terry versus Ohio. This is a lesson the City apparently hasn't learned from their reckless stop-and-frisk lawsuits and the Mark Fiorino open carry lawsuits.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, Dr. Martin Luther King, letters from Birmingham Jail.

May God save us all. More guns, less crime.

Thank you.

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