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Council President Clarke, Councilmember Johnson and all the other Councilmembers, I humbly thank you for this resolution and for this honor.

The work that I have done over -- and it has been 30 years, Councilman Jones, when I began the quest to take a look at the young women particularly in our community and the lack of social grace and the social ills in which they represented. I knew that it was important that we refine these young ladies and teach these young ladies how to be young ladies so that they are prepared for the future, their lives that is before -- that would be before them. And in addition to that -- and I must preface that I started with my own daughter, because I took a look at her, who is standing here with me, and I said, you know, with she and her friends that there was a need for some improvement, and I set out to work with the young ladies over 30 years ago, and it propelled itself into working with the young men, because if you're working with young ladies and you're teaching young ladies how to be young ladies, so how do you teach -- what do you do with the men that they are going to be interacting with so that they can have the companionship and the relationships that are healthy and wholesome relationships.

So the young boys were important, and I'm pleased to say that they're all doing extraordinarily well and they have gone on to be model citizens. And it's important that we focus on the young people today because they are the ones who are going to stand on our shoulders, just as we are standing on the shoulders of those before us.

In addition, with the Men's Wellness, the Men's Breakfast, I began focusing on alternative health and good health practices in our community, because we suffered for many years for debilitating diseases that can easily be eradicated. And I noticed that there were women who were attending the events over the years, but the men weren't there, and how do we get the men to begin to focus on their health. Well, you know, you have a separate event for the men, and it has worked out for the past 12 years and it has been very successful. We started out with 25 men, and our last event in March we had over 450 men.

But I understand that Councilman Johnson is a recipient of the information that's been provided over those years. And not only Mr. Johnson, but the CEO and the President of Universal Companies, Rahim Islam, has also benefited. But besides those two gentlemen, my husband has benefited from the work that we've done through the wellness. And I cannot do the work that I do without my partner, who supports me with everything that I do, and he's there for me. He's encouraging me, and even this morning he said, Just relax, take it easy, because I was nervous. But he's always with me, and I appreciate him and I love him for what he brings to me.

So thank you so much for this honor. I am humbly, humbly -- I'm humbled to the point of emotion.

Thank you.

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