Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

130279. I'm only here to let all of us know we need the prayer back in school. When we went to school, didn't we have a little grace that we always said good morning. Everybody prays a different prayer, but you can meet and greet each other and go on about your business.

The teachers need the prayer. Do you teach your kids to pray at night before they go to bed? When they come from school, do you ask them how was their day? The kids tell me their parents are not talking to them like they were brought up.

We got to stop now. The prayer needs to go back in school. Everybody prays different, but meet and greet each other, say hello, how are you, may God bless you. This is the worst thing to do for children nowadays, because they're getting older, they need more respect from all of us, and let them know we care about them.

So I want you to know when my daughter Jannie Blackwell -- get up, Jannie.

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