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Good morning, Councilwomen, Councilmen, Council President Darrell Clarke. Again, I'm not sure if my kids, my student athletes, really understand the gravity of this citation and this moment. I'm hoping that one day when they wake up, it will all hit them and they can talk to their grandchildren about it, the things that we did.

I'm not sure if a lot of you understand, but we are considered a promise academy and we had an extra hour during the day. So these kids really went through a lot. They got to school at 7:55 in the morning, went to school until 4 o'clock, practiced until 6:30 sometimes, and got up the next day and did it again. So, like I said, I think they deserve a lot of credit for what they did during the season. And these young men that you see here, they were all eligible during the year, all had all A's, B's, and C's on their report cards, no D's and no F's. So, like I said, they deserve all the accolades, all the recognition that they get. And, again, we'd like to thank you.

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