Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Good morning. I would like to thank every one of you guys for having us here today. It means the world to us that City Council is recognizing our job. We do it out of the bottom of our hearts, and it's been a very hard way, because we're working with mostly low-income families that don't have opportunities like traveling to Puerto Rico and encountering their roots.

Our program is more like an educational program. It's not about beauty and popularity. It's about knowing that with the crown comes responsibility and that they all have to have a community service project to do during their year of reign. Most of these participants stayed with us since the beginning. We have Mrs. Nancy Watts that has been with us since 2003, and year after year they come out, they support the new ones coming in. They help them in their community services projects, and they stay focused on doing good and serving our community, which is what's really important.

I want to take this time to thank our Councilwoman, Maria Quinones. She has been our godmother. She has been so great to us. None of the stuff that we do would have been possible without the collaboration of sponsors and people like Maria that do care about the young in the community and help us out with different aspects of not only economically but helping us get to know other people that might be able to help us.

So, once again, I want to thank you all for having us here. We are greatly honored.

And, Maria, thanks so much.

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