Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

If every head would bow and every eye close.

Dear God, we thank you for blessing us with such a wonderful day today. We thank you, Lord, for your presence, for we live and we move in your presence. Thank you for who you are and for what you mean in our lives, and we're so grateful for this opportunity to gather in this place today.

We thank you for our Councilmembers. Thank you for the work that they do. Thank you for all of the things that they provide for this great city of ours.

We thank you for our Mayor, and we pray that you would continue to bless him and watch over him and keep him. We pray that you will bless each Councilmember as well as their families.

We thank you, Lord, for Councilman Jones and the invitation extended for even myself to be here today, but we also thank you for my Councilperson, Councilwoman Blackwell. Pray for their strength. We pray that you would continue to use them for the betterment of this city.

Thank you for every proceeding that will happen in this place today, and we pray that everything that is said and done is ultimately for your glory, for your honor, and for your praise and for the uplifting of this great City of Philadelphia.

Bless us today, watch over us, continue to keep us, for it is in Jesus' name we do pray with thanksgiving. Let us all say amen.

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