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Thank you, Clarice.

Representing a grant maker that is focused on women and girls in the Philadelphia region, I can say that funders often struggle with making decisions without quality or consistent data or knowing where their dollars are most needed. This project will provide a roadmap on where public and private dollars could be allocated in new ways to address the needs of girls and young women. An exciting and key part of the rationale for this project is to launch conversations on how those dollars are used, a novel approach, so that funding decisions are not made in a vacuum.

Research in the philanthropic community indicates that developing a funding focus that incorporates gender analysis is most effective in creating positive social change. We need to figure out the trajectory of young women in our city so that the philanthropic community can respond and support programs and services that ensure an upward trajectory for all girls and young women in Philadelphia. That is what this project and coalition seeks to do.

It's my pleasure to introduce Gwen Bailey.

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