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We honor you. We thank Council President and Councilman Jones for enabling us to finally get to the place where we can be relocated at 51st and Merion Street. The First Born Church was uprooted, moved, promised at the Parkside. We were there since 2000, and after 2008 we lost our church under eminent domain actually. And I just want to say that -- thank Councilman Jones for his response to us and helping us to be relocated.

I just want to say that it would be really nice if we could all -- during these kind of processes under eminent domain, sometimes we have to move out of the district. And so there's no soon to be no collaboration with the other districts when you move or to get a property or something to be relocated. And so we need that help.

I sponsor a prayer for a better Philadelphia every Saturday morning from 6:00 to 6:30 a.m. for one half an hour. We pray for a better Philadelphia. And I believe that it would be easier for the churches -- it's a difficult thing for church and state to be able to work together. I don't know why, but we're just saying people vote, and so we need that kind of understanding.

We would have to move. We did not want to move from 52nd and Jefferson Street. We had a nice place. It was a wonderful location, but we gave it up for the mall, and it took so long for us to even get to this place in relocation. We going to yet need your support as we go through to finishing this process, because to build we still going to need some more support. And we appreciate all your support. It's been a long journey trying to get back to church as we knew it. So please.

Thank you so very much. Help us in the future that we can do the work that God called us to do as a church and as a neighborhood and as a people.

Thank you.

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