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That's the first bill.

Good morning, everyone. We came here to ask Council to table this bill. This is about a housing project, affordable housing project, that Councilman Johnson promised for his community. However, there has been no notification. We had -- we met with the Chief of Staff. He said that they were going to do housing for already established housing and rehab. What has happened is -- then we didn't hear any more about it. Then we were personally called to come down here and support Councilman Johnson and his office regarding the affordable housing project, because when the developers were attacking the office and saying about his project was going to stop them from building in the community. So we did. So then after that, then we didn't hear anything more. Then all the sudden, we heard on WURD that a $2.2 million bill was being read and passed, and we heard Councilman Clarke addressing anybody down here to testify, and no one came down to testify. Why? Because nobody knew about it. There was no e-mails that went out. Nothing went out regarding the project. And now the project is being moved forward.

We're hearing that now -- and then what happened was -- I'm getting ahead of myself. Then what happened was when we came down and testified, we were testifying to rehabs. Now we find out there's a bunch of lots going on, and the lots are going to turn into these large three-story houses in our area that the community does not want.

We're saying by you passing this bill, you give by-right privileges to the City to come down and build what they want.

These are the houses that were built by our first NSP money. These were supposed to have been affordable housing for people in the community. They turn out to be three-story houses, decks, garages, and 30 of these houses were built in the Point Breeze area. And then on top of that, these houses do not look like affordable housing for people in our community who can afford. They do not look like it.

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