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Hello. Good morning. My name is Ivory Allison, the Executive Director of the American Liver Foundation, Mid-Atlantic Division based here in Philadelphia, and I just would like to thank Councilwoman Tasco, who is not here, Councilwoman Brown and every other Councilperson here today for this resolution.

Liver disease and Hepatitis is rising. It's increasing, and Dr. Trooksin will give you a little information about that, but I just want everyone to know liver disease and Hepatitis, you hear about it and you always think negatively. Maybe you think about alcohol or drug uses. And we want to let people know that that's not true. You can get Hepatitis from going to the nail salon, going to the hairdresser, the barber shop. You can also get it from getting a tattoo, getting your ears pierced. It's rampant and it's huge and it's increasing in Philadelphia, and we want people to know that.

We have plenty of programs, events so that people can know how can you get it. We have free educational programming. We can go into schools, come to your company and inform you of what's going on.

Thirty million Americans have liver disease and about four to five million have Hepatitis C. And Dr. Stacy Trooksin, who is a member of our Medical Advisory Committee and the Co-Chair of HepCap, will tell you a little bit more about Hepatitis C.

Thank you.

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