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Good morning, Council President and City Council. My name is James Jenkins and I'm concerned about this real estate bill that they want to rescind.

In Philadelphia I've watched it being revived for the last 15 years because of this bill. I'm not involved in the real estate business, although I'd like to buy a home in South Southwest Philadelphia and that abatement, ten years, makes it affordable for me as well as many others, and I just don't understand why something that's working so well in so many areas of the City, that people are trying to stop it now.

I've watched my city go from plight to just beautiful now. There's so many people walking the streets. The neighborhoods are being revived, and in ten years, those people would pay real estate taxes as well as paying city wage taxes the whole time they're here. And I just wanted to voice my opinion today.

Thank you for your time.

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