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Yes. I just want to say hello everybody. I'm not sure who is all here. I might not speak in the language that y'all are used to hearing, but I am a citizen of Philadelphia and my mother is. My mother was born and raised here. She is well in her 80's. My grandmother died. She was 96 years old, and she worked all her life, and she had nothing, because they took everything from her.

All of y'all sit here with y'all gadgets and y'all big paychecks and you driving y'all nice cars and things like that, and y'all look at the world through rosy-colored eyes, but if y'all take off y'all glasses and look at it through our eyes the way we live day to day, minimum wage 7.25 and 7.25, you know, you will see the real world.

There's only one Councilman in this room that I'm glad to say that I voted for them, and that's Jannie Blackwell, because she really cares about us. She's not afraid to take off her glasses and say hello, come down to our neighborhood, shake a hand. The rest of y'all sit here and most of y'all bring your cell phones, you're playing with your computers, but, see, you don't understand. The world that you're building today is going to fall down on y'all too. Just like it fell down on us, it's going to fall down on y'all eventually, because you might be wealthy now and, you know, passing the laws and cupcake want and stuff like that. I almost threw up, you know.

I just want to say that y'all need to take off y'all rosy-colored glasses and see the world as it really is, because y'all have taken -- I'll make this quick. Y'all have taken the responsibility of the male out of the household. Most men -- I go to McDonald's. I see a man old as my grandfather working. I said, Pops, what are you doing here sweeping the floor?

He said, Well, I don't have any money. I have to work.

He should be home in a rocking chair. You know, this is what y'all doing to us. But, you know, you reap what you sew. So you might be on top, but what goes up, remember, comes down.

So that's all I want to say, and thank you.

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