Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Thank you, Councilman Johnson and all of our elected officials assembled. It is with great honor that I stand before you today as the Program Director of WURD to accept this proclamation and to echo the words of our President and General Manager Sara Lomax-Reese, who couldn't be here today, about the idea that talk radio is the original social media, the idea that we open up our airwaves to hear from the public, to offer subjects where we can engage with one another, hopefully educate one another about what's happening in our world, and inspire one another to action to help right the wrongs and to make sure that we are keeping everyone abreast of those things that are most important in our lives, and we all, the entire team at WURD, take that responsibility very seriously. And we hope that in our continued presence here in Council Chambers that broadcast to our listeners and let everyone know about the inner workings of what happens here in the City of Philadelphia, that we can continue to model for the rest of the world what civic engagement truly means and to keep those issues front and foremost in our minds and engage everyone in that process.

So we thank you for this recognition today and look forward to another ten years and beyond in engaging in that process with the City of Philadelphia.

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