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Good morning, City Council. Good morning, constituents and fellow Philadelphians. I'm here to address the Ordinance 130419. It's about the Gas Works paying more money to the City of Philadelphia.

My question is, will, as usual, the increase be passed on to the consumers and the customers of PGW? And what, if anything, is in this ordinance that will protect the consumer from the undercover, side-door rate hike?

Now, I remember gas bills and electric bills when I was -- you know, my parents would give me the money, send me up to 40th and Walnut to pay the electric bill. They say electric bill. Now look on it, it's about seven entries. Distribution, rate this. You know, it's crazy, and I know these rates will be passed on. Gas company don't care. They just passing on like every other bill.

I'm worried about the privatization thing with the gas. I share the past two gentlemen's sentiments. I'm also a resident in Germantown and I watched Germantown High be sold to Camelot. I watched my old alma mater, West Philadelphia High, be sold. I watched the School Board building on the Parkway be sold.

Now, I'm not a real estate person, but I would suggest that a lot of these buildings are just under a billion dollars. My question, where does the money go? And if I as a taxpayer been help maintaining, servicing, and purchasing everything that school needs like the rest of us for the past 50 years, do we have any input on where the money goes? It seem like enough of that money would be here to bail out the entire school system. So where is the money? We need to have a third party.

I need a contract as a City worker, and I'm still on my lunch hour, I might add. I need City Council to back us up like you want me to back y'all up every time it's election time. You know, we have a lot of juice here. The Tea Party has changed the paradigm of the entire American fiscal system. We need an Arab Spring. We need a Tea Party here to change Philadelphia, and we can do it.

You know, these crazy racist people talking about affordable healthcare, talking about Obamacare. It has nothing to do with that. It has one thing to do, and that's income. Obamacare is code for skin color, and we know it and I know it.

Lastly, I'm going to say, there's a big celebration this evening of WURD radio. It's going to be a gala affair. It's the only black-owned radio station in Pennsylvania. People be coming from all over the country and all over the world. I celebrate LEVAS communication, Lift Every Voice and Sing, the Lomax family, Dr. Beverly Lomax, and under the leadership of Sara Lomax-Reese. I can't wait to party tonight and celebrate communication.

Long live Philadelphia. Long live Cye, the Nubian Warrior King.

Thank you.

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