Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Good morning. I'm Robert Taylor, President of Transport Workers Union Local 700, a member of the International Executive Board, and a member of the PA State Council, also a host of -- a co-host of the WPEB 88.1 FM Jasper Jones Show.

I'm commenting on Ordinance 130564, permit parking districts. I do not support these districts. In the past I have spoke about the constantly expanding districts to all parts of the compass. These districts present a burden to the poor, among others, in the community. There is little transparency to the process.

Then I was told that, Well, rates are low. As is the case in many government programs and activities, this board now wants to massively expand the rates from $35 to $50 to $75 to a hundred dollars and on and on. And I guess soon it will expand to infinity and beyond. Enough is enough.

Resolution 120118, Philadelphia Gas Works, I too have concerns about the Gas Works being put into private hands. I'm worried about the protections that will exist for the poor. Heating is not an option for the poor in winter. Will constitutional requirements be put ahead of profits if it changes to private hands?

Ordinance 130251, I am in favor of an independent rate-making body for the Philadelphia Water Department. We see the results of what they do by doing it themselves, and I welcome to have an independent body be in control of that.

Thanks for your time, and God bless Philadelphia.

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