Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Thank you very much. Let me say that it is a very, very moving experience to have this happen, particularly in Philadelphia. I've been coming to Philadelphia since my pre-teen years for many reasons, but never honored like this. And certainly we don't always have to agree, but we can operate without being disagreeable, and to know that your work has caught the attention of those that have been elected and trusted by the people of this city is more than I could express in words.

I was raised by a single mother, whose best friend lives in Philadelphia, and I wish that they were alive to see this, because it is because of people who never made a newspaper, never was on television but believed in their children and raised their children to have a better life, that's who I fight for every day, the forgotten, the marginalized, the rejected, because if we can understand in our society no one ought to be rejected. Everyone should have equal rights to vote, to jobs, and to the American way of life, and that's what the fight is all about.

So I'm honored to have this. I thank you, Kenyatta. I thank all of the members of the Council that made this possible. I thank the President of Council. And I'm here because of my deep, deep appreciation for that, and I'm also here because I wanted to see a government that was open and working today.

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