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Good morning, City Council. Good morning, residents and citizens. I'm commenting on Bill No. 120118 and it's about the transfer or the consideration of our public Gas Works to private industry, and it's about the third time I'm going to remind us that -- you heard lately about Fukushima in Japan and they can't contain the radioactive water. And last year at Queen Lane Reservoir Station of the Philadelphia Water Works in Germantown, they found radioactive water. Now, this is from Fukushima, Japan. So it's not a stretch since we're downhill from the fracking of Marcellus Shale industry in upstate Pennsylvania where spigots catch fire when you light a match to them.

Our environment, our waterways, our drinking water, our estuaries, our fish life, our fishing ability will be compromised severely. This is an epidemic, pandemic situation of mega proportions waiting to happen if we go through with this.

This private industry thing, some of our elected officials, Corbett, Anthony Williams, sells out to charter school and private school industries and also to big utility concerns for profit. We got to get more bang for the buck, and we have to be smart and have to be safe. So I would ask that we discourage and look at other ways and keep Philadelphia Gas Works. It's a funding stream and it can be corrected, but don't do this.

We also -- there's a lot of concerns that are not even being addressed, and for citizens to try to navigate the system to bring it to bear to Council to get it to even be heard, like our school situation is still very bad. We have to find other ways than taxing the same poor people over and over again to fund situations that's already been funded by the federal government. Corbett did us no favor releasing $50 million of our own money. And I have a question for City Council. How is it that you can just sell buildings that we've been paying to maintain and purchase for years like the School Board that was on the Parkway, like West Philadelphia High School for $6 million? It's $6 million worth of marble, copper, scrap metal, and the land, not alone the building.

So I would ask that you come to your people that you're supposed to represent, get their input before you start selling off our precious resources and continue to facilitate the miseducation of the Negro.

I also am going to ask that we consider an elected School Board so that our Governor and our Mayor don't have the only say so when people have no interest in our school children.

Thanks for your time.

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