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Good morning. God loves you all. Thank you. Please pray for me.

I thank the people that God allowed to stop the people from riding the bikes on the sidewalk, because I was hit by a bike once and thrown into the street, and it makes me stressful and I guess a lot of other people stressful when the people ride the bikes on the sidewalk. So I thank God for whoever he caused to do that, and also for whoever he caused pornography to start going out of the City. It's hard for a married man or any man to look at a woman when she's unclothed and he's trying to be a good father and a good husband and he's trying not to commit adultery, but he has to see, you know, a woman unclothed. And I just thank God for the people who are taking that out of the City.

And also now what I would like is for people not to play the bad music in the cars as they go by. This will help it to be safer in the City, because when we hear certain words, grievous words stir up anger, and when those cars are going by with the loud music, it makes a lot of people angry, and I know it makes me angry. And the things that are said on some of those records, if they're records, are really bad, bad things, and it doesn't need to be in the City and people don't need to hear that, because it makes people angry and causes people to want to fight, you know. So I would like that not to be in the City, you know.

And I just thank God for everyone who has helped to make the City a better city, and I thank God for City Council. I thank God also -- well, I just thank God for everything. And just don't give up.

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