Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Good afternoon, and thank you so much. We are delighted to be recognized in this way for the work that we do in juvenile justice and certainly as it relates to juvenile detention. Someone mentioned earlier how important it is that we make sure that we're using juvenile secured detention only for those young people who pose threats to public safety, and we are doing that by way of our participation in the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, along with our partners at Family Court under the administration of the Honorable Kevin Dougherty.

So we're grateful and delighted to be here today to be recognized in this way for the very important work that we do in beginning the work to transform the lives of young people who have in fact made poor choices but who can, as someone said earlier, be set on a right path when they're given appropriate guidance and leadership.

So I'm proud to have with me today Rena Creamer, who is our Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Coordinator; Mark Temple, the Executive Director at our Philadelphia Juvenile Justices Services Center; and Vanessa Williams Cain, who is our Director of Court and Community Services.

Thank you again. We appreciate the honor.

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