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Well, I won't take much of your time. I just want to thank City Council and say that we all depend on your leadership which is there to work on behalf of low-wage workers and vulnerable families, children, and teens in Philadelphia who often don't speak for themselves, and they don't speak as real lobbyists, and they depend on all of us and all of you here to enact things that will help their lives and help the City.

So it's really been almost 40 years that I've been honored to facilitate programs that really have changed the lives of thousands and thousands of families, and there couldn't be more pleasure that I have than watching so many of those families and getting -- I got a phone call from somebody that we worked with ten years ago saying, anonymously, I'm calling you, but thank you, I'm still with my children, they're doing fine and I'm okay. And as we work to both help people live without violence and be able to support themselves, that the two things of well-being and income-earning and self-sufficiency are so tied together, and you all understand that and you all work for that, and that's what our focus really is.

We work with young women, with mature women, and we want everybody to feel their dignity and to vision for themselves and their families more than they ever thought was possible, and that's really our goal. And as we brought on Women in Transition, that was really important because, to me especially, because I was part of what was called the Working Group on Battered Women before there was any legislation supporting battered women, and as we're working with teens, like 25 percent of them deal with their own violence in their lives. And we just want the City to be strong, families to be strong, and women and men and their children to all grow up feeling good about themselves, be contributors, and live with peace, non-violence, and a good education.

So we thank you, and we thank -- I thank City Council, because you've all individually been there for me, for our organization, and for all the organizations that work on behalf of people in Philadelphia.

Thank you.

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