Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Good morning, Mr. President. Good morning, members of Council, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Robert Taylor, citizen of South Philadelphia, President of Transport Workers Local 700 and a member of the PA Council and commentator on WPEB 88.1 FM, the Jasper Jones Show.

I'm commenting on Bill No. 130384. Normally I speak about the various parking regulations and how they expand. Today, however, I want to thank Councilman Johnson for introducing this measure that will terminate such a regulation. I want to thank the Councilman for restoring at liberty at least one bit at a time, reducing the difficulties for people parking in their own community and, therefore, reducing the chance of anyone running afoul of the law in that small way.

I look forward to more such measures being put forward, and obviously I support this bill and I urge its passage.

Integrity leads to freedom, Cato.

And I thank you for your time. God bless Philadelphia.

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