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Good morning. My name is Sheila Colson. I am a 56-year-old trans woman. I would like to say that I'm here today because of the resolution and I was invited by some friends of mine.

This is an historical day for me, because I would have never thought that -- well, I would hope, but I never thought that I would see the day that Philadelphia even considers trans people. So I have to applaud you for that. Unfortunately, though, the work has just begun, and it certainly has to go a lot further.

I'm on the Mayor's task force for the homeless, and we have been able to get trans women who identify as -- trans people who identify as women into female shelters, and when they get into the shelters, they are welcomed, but when the person that takes them to the shelter leaves, then they say, You're not a woman, you got to get out of here, you know.

The employment, I believe something was just passed as far as employment, but it's great that you guys are passing these laws and all the laws and the resolutions and all that stuff is being passed, but unfortunately, we need someone to watch the watchers, you know, because people bring their own agenda to work sometimes. People bring their own agenda into and everybody -- every right that's afforded to anyone in this room should be afforded to me. Every right that's afforded to anyone in this room should be afforded to me.

So I don't understand why when a girl goes into a shelter and it's three degrees outside and when the person takes them there, she's all right to be there, but after the case manager leaves, Oh, you got to go. They want to send you to a male shelter. And we do have the Morris Home, and it's a great place and it's for trans people, but you need -- the Morris Home only has eight beds. There's like 50 homeless trans people in the City of Philadelphia.

I see I'm running out of time. But, like I said, this is a historical day on one part, but then again, it's not really that much. I mean -- but thank you so much.

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