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Good morning. My name is Soxx. Most people call me Soxx. And I'm here today to speak about Resolution No. 130825 that urges Pennsylvania to increase funding to low income residents to weatherize their homes. I think this is a great idea, because no one likes to be cold in their homes in the winter.

It was really cold yesterday, but you know who was out in the cold and working all day? The trash collectors. The trash collectors have been working when it's raining and when it's snowing and even when it's really hot outside.

The last time I was here, I invited everyone to my next Happy Trash Day celebration, which was on Thursday, October 24th. I know you probably couldn't come because your meetings are on Thursdays, but I just wanted to let you know that we had a great time, and I want to invite you to the next Happy Trash Day, which will be on Wednesday, November 27th, and it's really close to City Hall this time.

For those of you who don't know, Happy Trash Day is when my friends and I say thank you to the trash collectors for all the hard work they do. During the last Happy Trash Day, we were able to say thank you to seven trash crews, and that was pretty great. We even had representatives from the Streets Department and union representatives from the City come. Some news people even came and wrote stories about Happy Trash Day, which will be kind of perfect for my scrapbook. I was able to make lots more friends. And you know what my new trash collector friends told me, they said that no one has ever given them a party or even said thank you like this for all their hard work. They said that they only hear when something is wrong. They also told me that they haven't had a raise in many years, which really makes me sad, but it was nice to make them feel happy on Happy Trash Day.

Lots of people posted pictures on the Internet, and here's what some of the people wrote about the pictures: I love this. I really wish I could have been a part of this. It was really nice.

Here's another one, and I think this is from a trash collector, because he says, Where was that at? We never get that type of treatment on our route. And then we got, That was really nice of them. That's serious love. And then one of my favorites was, Throw some wild rice in there. And that's a trash collector insider joke, because they have to pick up lots of trash that's filled with bugs that look like rice.

So anyway, our trash collectors do a really hard job, and that's why I think the City of Philadelphia should have an annual Happy Trash Day Week, and then we could all give them one big party at the end.

A lot of people in the City don't know the right way to throw out their trash. Happy Trash Day, we could also help people learn what to do about that, like what to do with their old paint and batteries and light bulbs, because people aren't supposed to put that in the regular trash, and they do, and that's not good.

So the next Happy Trash Day will be the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 27th, on the 100 block of Mole Street, and that's only a few blocks away from here, and what better time to say thank you than at Thanksgiving time. I know I'm very thankful for all of their hard work.

So I also have some Happy Trash Day buttons that I've passed out before. They all went on Happy Trash Day, over 200. So if anyone would like some, you can have them here.

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