Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

The Committee on Appropriations, to which was referred Bill No. 130814, entitled "An ordinance amending an ordinance approved June 25, 2013 (Bill No. 130180), adopting the Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2014, by making certain additional appropriations needed to meet the costs of the formerly appealed 2009 arbitration award for Local 22 of the International Association of Firefighters for health and legal services that were not included in the adopted Fiscal Year 2014 operating budget"; and

Bill No. 130815, entitled "An ordinance authorizing transfers in appropriations for Fiscal Year 2014 from the General Fund, the Civil Service Commission and the Aviation Fund, the Director of Finance - Fringe Benefits to the General Fund, the Fire Department and the Aviation Fund, the Fire Department," respectfully reports it has considered the same and returns the attached bills to Council with a favorable recommendation.

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