Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

The Committee on Finance, to which was referred Bill No. 130686, entitled "An ordinance creating the Headquarter Hotel Tax Increment Financing District, being the area generally bounded by South Penn Square on the north, Broad Street on the east, 15th Street on the west, and Chestnut Street on the south and approving the project plan of the Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development for the redevelopment of the Headquarter Hotel Tax Increment Financing District and making certain findings and declarations, all in accordance with the Tax Increment Financing Act"; and

Bill No. 130766, entitled "An ordinance authorizing, generally, the continued issuance and sale by the City of Philadelphia of Gas Works Revenue Notes of the City, prescribing the forms of notes and providing for their execution and payment, pledging certain revenues of the Gas Works as security, adopting a rate covenant and directing the imposition and collection of rates and charges sufficient to comply therewith"; and

Bill No. 130767, entitled "An ordinance constituting the Twelfth Supplemental Ordinance to the General Gas Works Revenue Bond Ordinance of 1998; authorizing the City of Philadelphia to sell, either at public or private sale, Gas Works Revenue Capital Project Commercial Paper Notes to pay the costs of certain capital projects and other Project Costs," respectfully reports it has considered and amended the same and returns the attached bills to Council with a favorable recommendation.

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