Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

To the President and members of the Council of the City of Philadelphia, I am pleased to advise you that on November 13, 2013, I signed the following bills that were passed by Council at its session on October 24, 2013: Bill No. 130531-A and Bill No. 130635-A; and I am transmitting for the consideration of your honorable body a resolution approving the redevelopment contract of the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority for the redevelopment and urban renewal of a portion of the Southwest Germantown Urban Renewal Area, identified by house number and street address as 250 West Berkley Street; and

Also an ordinance authorizing the Commissioner of Public Property and the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation to enter into a lease agreement with the Philadelphia Housing Authority for use by the City of the property located in the area bounded by Aspen Street, Markoe Street, Fairmount Avenue, and 47th Street, all under certain terms and conditions.

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