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Good morning. Thank you, Mr. President, Maria Quinones, Councilman David Oh, my Senator, Tina Tartaglione, and of course I can't stop not saying Henon, Councilman Henon. I was with him last night, so I get to be on your program.

Basically I want you to remember, everyone in this room, remember HR 1726. Google it. It's a very impressive report of the 65th Infantry, the Congressional Gold Medal. So descriptive. I kind of broke down this morning just reading it, because it talks about the prejudism, the discrimination, the things that -- when they were activated, they had two wars, the Korean War and they had the war within. And it has taken 60 years to get here, 60 years for them to get the Congressional Gold Medal.

But let me just say, as of today we have achieved 157 sponsors in Congress, and we have 22 senators. In the State of Pennsylvania we still have 11 members of Congress that we want to go after and to come on board. This is very impressive. Let me say that when they came in and when they -- when they considered the Congressional Gold Medal, I want to say that in 237 years, only one Latino has received the award, the Congressional award, and that has been Roberto Clemente. It's our turn as the 65th Infantry. The other groups, Tuskegee, Navajo Code Talkers, the Japanese Nisei, and the Montford Point Marines. We want to be number fifth.

Let me say that the story of the 65th Infantry during the Korean War has been described as one of pride, courage, heartbreak, and redemption. And so basically every general that commanded the 65th Infantry, they did nothing but praise.

Thank you for this Congressional Gold Medal support.

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