Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Whereas, in 1959, the Regiment was allotted to the Puerto Rican Army National Guard, where the 1st battalion, the 65th Infantry still serves; and

Whereas, while defending the United States, the brave soldiers earned 628 Bronze Stars, 258 Silver Stars, 10 Distinguished Service Crosses, and more than 2,700 Purple Hearts; and

Whereas, their commitment and courage are indeed deserving of praise and gratitude of all Americans; and

Whereas, in recognition of their tremendous sacrifices and accomplishments, it is fitting that the United States Congress award the 65th Infantry Regiment the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor; therefore, be it

Resolved, by the Council of the City of Philadelphia, recognizes and honors the 65th Infantry Regiment on the tremendous sacrifices that they have made in defense of the United States of America. Their courage is truly an inspiration, and worthy of the recognition from the City of Philadelphia.

Further resolved, that the Council of the City of Philadelphia calls on the United States Congress to honor the service of the 65th Infantry Regiment by awarding them the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor.

Further resolved, that an engrossed copy will be delivered to the 65th Infantry today presented to the Latino American Legion and the Philadelphia Congressional delegation as a sincere expression of our gratitude and support for their Congressional Gold Medal campaign.

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